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Okay, only interesting to me – but aparrently 10,000 Days was completed on my birthday this year. What better birthday present than more Tool? None, exactly.[1]


[1] Okay, there probably is, but here is not the place to discuss it.

7 thoughts on “10,000 Days completed on my birthday – Wikipedia,

  1. Gee, I hope their next album release is on my birthday! I’m jealous!

  2. having tool or a.p.c perform especially for you … sorry (conversation assassin)

    i’ll make up for it (really) THE billy howerdel has a new solo project called ASHES dIVIDE, could be the next a.p.c ?!

  3. Conversation assassin…ha ha ha.

    Ah, so its called Ashes Divide?

    That’s great. ^^ I knew he was making a new project, but I didn’t know the name of it.

  4. check it out on myspace (some legenary material and the album is not yet released)

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