More training needed with gradings coming…

Made it to the Honbu today for the first time in a while. I really need to train more – have a Judo competition on Monday night (would be Saturday, but I have the LA face2face, so I’m going to the alternate).

The good thing about training on Thursday evenings is that there tends to be a lot of people on the mat – often more than at any other time. A lot of black belts show up too… some I don’t see too often (but that could be due to me generally not training as much this year).

At the end of November is gradings… so better be prepared. That, and I need to build up some fitness again.

Didn’t stay for the Sword class though, was quite knackered after the 1.5hrs of jiujitsu (well… more Judo style today). The class was good too – Kancho was on the mat and doing things for a while.

I feel I fixed some problems with my 5th and 6th hip throws today (or at least learnt where I tend to go wrong). My 5th leg still isn’t the best… but practice, practice. I think it’s more a consistency issue – sometimes I can just hammer in for the hip throws and execute them beautifully (at least for my grade…. nothing like a 3rd, 4th, 6th or 10th Dan or so throwing you around for a bit to see how far you can still go).

I totally vote we open a Melbourne MySQL office right near there (which is actually further from home for me.. which would be rather annoying, but means I could train every day :)

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