Recent happennings and releases…

So a bunch of stuff has happenned (or happenning) that I’ve been wanting to blog about for a bit. Some stuff had to wait, others it’s just been me being slack.

Anyway, anyone who hangs closely around the MySQL circles probably now knows about MySQL Enterprise. There’s been a fair bit of talk about this internally for a little while now. When it was being talked about a bit wider within the company some of the initial communication was (in my mind) rather unclear. So I took the “what’s the worst way somebody could interpret this” viewpoint and replied with my thoughts. The idea behind this was to simulate what some of the loud-mouthed trolls of the non-shifted question mark e on a qwerty keyboard mapped to dvorak kind may do.
After a few phone calls (some at strange hours) my worst fears were not realised – we were still not being insane.

So I hope I’ve been of some use in making sure that communication has been clear and any possible fears put to rest.
There is also an increased willingness to make things saner for getting non-MySQL AB authored code into the main trees (err… now labelled Community).

We’re also getting geared up for another 5.1 release – the Cluster team has recently chased down some failures: from out-of-disk on build machine (why is it us who had to find that out?) to an “actual bug”.

Kudos goes out to Jonas who has recently found a few bugs that have been Can’t Repeat since about the year 2000 – ones that were real hard to hit, but naturally, somebody has.

I also added some new things to the Cluster Management Server (ndb_mgmd) in 5.1 that should help with debugging in the future. I basically just exposed the MgmApiSession stuff a bit, giving each session a unique id (64 bit int) that you could then check if the session had gone away or not (or list all sessions). This gives us a test case for bug 13987 which is pretty neat.

I also have geared up a change to the handler API to fix bug 19914 – and being a good boy, I’ve mailed out to the public internals list so that people are ready for the building of outside of tree storage engines to break (on 4.1 and up!). The good news is, however, that this is a real fix and that any errors on COUNT(*) will be reported back to the user (a customer was affected by this).
Also, I updated how engines fill out the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.FILES table to make it a bit nicer (Brian wants to add support for it to some of the other engines). He also pointed out a really obvious bug of mine in a recent push to that code (that probably showed up in a compiler warning come to think of it…). Paul is looking at it for PBXT too (or at least thinks it’s cool :).
Also had a bit of a ask-around the cluster team about if making the team trees (VERSION-ndb) public (up on etc) was good. Nobody seems to have any objections, so will (as soon as I get a minute) persue that. Basically it’ll let people get access to the latest NDB bug fixes in source-tree form (certainly not recommended for production, but could be useful in testing environments).
I’ve also been thinking about talks for the MySQL UC next year as Cluster tends to be a popular topic (had a rather full room this year).

There’s probably more to talk about too, but i’m getting sleepy.

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  1. Re: “There is also an increased willingness to make things saner for getting non-MySQL AB authored code into the main trees (err… now labelled Community).”

    err… you mean, now labeled Enterprise, right?

    The Community Server source tree is the fork, not the other way around, AFAIU. :) And it is this fork which will accept the community’s contributions.



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