MySQL Conf coming up (and memories of last year)

Andy Dustman just blogged referencing his previous posts on last years MySQL User Conference. This years is coming close (April 23-26) and the pressure to have all my presentations all perfect is mounting (err.. by the way, they will be).

Last year was a blast. Long days (and into the evenings) with sessions, BoFs, food and beer discussing all sorts of things that in some way related back to databases (and rather often, surprisingly enough, MySQL).

What was also great was being able to talk to lots of people who are doing real things out in the real world abotu MySQL Cluster and if it’s remotely suitable to their application. Often the answer can be “I think you’re looking for replication”, which is perfectly okay too.

I’m in a few days early (and around a few days after) – so if you’re around the area do give me a yell – it’d be cool to hang.

FYI, I’m giving the following sessions:

  • MySQL Cluster: The Complete Tutorial (Parts I and II)
    Which is a total of 6hrs of MySQL Cluster goodiness. It’s aimed at people who know MySQL (or are pretty good with other RDBMSs and can fake it) and are wanting to know about MySQL Cluster. It’s a hands-on tutorial, so be prepared!
  • Introduction to MySQL Cluster
    A 45minute whirlwind introduction to MySQL Cluster. Assumes some MySQL knowledge. Good if you’ve heard about this cluster thing (even from just reading the title of this session) and want to know what it’s all about.
  • Exploring New Features in MySQL 5.1 Cluster
    A 45 minute blast of a session on what’s new for MySQL Cluster in the 5.1 release. This will cover just about everything that was in my last years presentation on the same topic. So if you came to last years and come to this one again… I’m going to make fun of you for being a groupie :)
  • Bleeding Edge MySQL Cluster: Upcoming Cool Things
    A whole hour on the stuff you shouldn’t use in production. The topic list is sort-of known… it really is what is the latest and greatest that should be coming to a tree somewhere, sometime… this year. We’ll no doubt talk about online add node, online add/drop attribute, multithreaded NDB kernel, API improvements and a whole lot more!
  • The Design and Internals of MySQL Cluster
    What happens under the hood in MySQL Cluster? Find out here! An hour for those with the real technical mind. If source code and network protocol discriptions scare you, possibly not for you – expect an hour of coolness.

Yes, there seems to be a “Stewart” track at the conf :) Aparrently people enjoyed my session last year… so there was a tendancy to accept my sessions this year.

2 thoughts on “MySQL Conf coming up (and memories of last year)

  1. Hi Stewart,

    I have registered for mysql conference tutorial day. I will be attending your session. I was wondering if a windows XP laptop with a vmware based red hat (base installation) virtual linux environment will suffice? Also, do I need a mysql installation in the redhat environment before the class?

    Thank you,

    Anand Daga

  2. For the purposes of the tutorial, it should be fine.

    just make sure that the latest 5.1 beta is going to run (which is a good idea to have extracted and briefly tested – as detailed in the ‘homework’ that’s been sent out) beforehand.

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