words cannot describe the pain

that is the general experince of debian/ubuntu, raid and LVM setups for / and /boot and getting a working bootloader out of the installer…. grr… how come this NEVER works….

update: well, i now have a booting system… I even applied the updates, which fixed a few oddities with “Desktop Effects” (it’s called BLING dagnammit… i want to control my “Desktop Bling”… who on earth wants “desktop effects” when there’s the option of bling?). Unfortunately, the current kernel doesn’t boot at all… gets an oops suggesting running with irqpoll, which doesn’t help either. So back to the older kernel it is… and time to file a bug report. I think there’s a bug somewhere in the partitioner, LVM and RAID setup that gets mightily confused at some point that really ended up in a bad place. Now though, going through *very* carefully, I have grub booting off a RAID1 ext3 /boot no problems… even all my other file systems have come up okay… urgh.

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  1. Really? I find it’s generally pretty simple as long as you follow the golden rule: /boot shall be a bare ext3 partition. Manually copying it over to the other disk is for after installation, with the minor benefit that it’ll leave a known working kernel and initrd available if something bad happens to the primary /boot.

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