I heart recordMyDesktop

So, I wanted to get some feedback before I presented my sessions at the upcoming MySQL Conference (be there, it’ll be cool). I thought… hrrm.. distributed company… I can’t just ask a couple of people to listen to me in the conference room as we don’t really have one (apart from IRC).

So… I thought.. hrrm… didn’t i see something about screencasting on the program for linux.con f.au ? Well, the answer was yes – Screencasting HOWTO. Started watching – I then proceeded to try the list of screencasting software.

Istanbul didn’t work – I got images and audio, but only when there was a change to what was being displayed… so a static slide with me talking, didn’t work. Same with a similar python script.

I then grabbed recordMyDesktop and it worked. ./configure; make; ./src/recordMyDesktop  …. and ctrl-c when done.. encodes to Ogg Theora and *WORKS*


I then got to convince some coworkers to spend time listening to me speak about stuff they may already know to test it before the conf.

One thought on “I heart recordMyDesktop

  1. I also tried recordmydesktop after seeing your conf-betas. Very cool.

    Also lets you select sound device for input, as the old laptop mic always has a hummz to it, the Bluetooth headset worked a treat.

    Only if I had a reason to use recordmydesktop :)

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