Irrational Hatred of the day

Why does two spaces between a full stop and the beginning of the next sentence so irritate me? I mean, it really grates on me… more so than liberal use of sms style abbreviations everywhere.

7 thoughts on “Irrational Hatred of the day

  1. I taught myself to do it. Two spaces helps mark sentence boundaries, e.g. where an abbreviation could otherwise be misinterpreted.

  2. The question is. Will your blogger. Preserve. All the spaces. I’m inserting. To irritate you. Don, happily annoying both Stewart and my high school english teacher in the same post.

  3. That was they way I was taught when I was learning to type.

    I’ve only ever met one person who only did one space and she was some lunatic professional writer hired to write procedures (and therefore obviously mad if you would willingly write procedures)

  4. I do it by habit now, and have to learn to stop doing it when we switch documentation to DITA XML. I find it easier to read with the extra spaces – much more conducive to quickly skimming text. No idea why it annoys you so!

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