MySQL Cluster Certification Exam

As Roland pointed out, recently a bunch of us took the MySQL Cluster Certification Exam. I was strongly encouraging people to take it (and, in fact, got the majority of people to take it… except those working on urgent customer issues or were rather new to the product).  That’s one of my cunning plans (number 8 IIRC) – to have anybody doing anything to do with MySQL Cluster inside MySQL AB to be certified (in cluster, not insane).

Response from the exam is overwhelmingly positive and as it’s new, afterwards I discussed a few questions with Roland (in fact, all the ones I got wrong). The (good!?) news is that I legitimately brain-farted on some.

As for bragging rights… I currently share the top score. I’ll also (happily) buy a (large) beer for the first person to score higher than I did. So get cracking!

(oh, warning.. this isn’t some trivial know-a-tiny-bit-and-score-really-high certification… this is a serious one).

P.S. I may have heard at some point one of our people saying they thought it was the best certification exam we have…

P.P.S. Yes, this means you should go strive towards getting it if you do anything with MySQL Cluster.

P.P.P.S. If you’re an employer/manager with people doing stuff (or will be doing stuff… or evenly possibly going to do stuff) with MySQL Cluster, get them certified!

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