How not to get a sensible response on a mailing list/web forum

For a start, you shouldn’t be using a web forum. Are you too stupid to use email or what?

Ask yourself, does your question boil down to “pls do my job 4 me. kthxbye” (because it’s in stupid speak because it’s an obviously stupid question to be asking). If it does, don’t post it. Instead, RTFFM (where F is for Fine…. at least one of them is anyway), look at the archives. You will then find approximately eleventy-billion messages pointing you to exactly the right tool and docs to let you answer your question – easily.

3 thoughts on “How not to get a sensible response on a mailing list/web forum

  1. Hmmm… if you have this kind of hatred feelings, why not stop posting answers and go out into the sun. I mean there are many people telling the same like you, but would people ask if they knew better.

    AND: RTFM only is not enough.. RTFM + link + wheretolook is better and a kind of respect you show to the weaker. The kind of behavour you promote here supports the ones who know and doesnt help the ones who dont.

  2. Dear Sebs,

    What the fuck, seriously. Turns out I’m not peoples fucking mother and I don’t have any urge to go hold their hand while they crap. Such fundamental things as READING THE FUCKING MANUAL or at least showing some evidence of not being a complete idiot is not too much to ask for. Typing the question into google would even help in most cases.

    I am fucking not going to re-enter their query into google for them – if they’re too stupid to do that, they deserve a lot more than a RTFM.

    If the manual is unclear, people can bloody well say so. Then they at least don’t publicly look like a dickhead.

    I have no problem with people learning but I’m not their fucking monkey and won’t jump for snacks. Besides, people who can’t use a search engine but can somehow post to a web forum/mailing list probably aren’t much smarter than a mentally deficient rat anyway.

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