Problems with Tracker (and why I’m back to Beagle)

  1. If you have more than 8192 directories, it can’t monitor them (max inotify limit)
  2. No search results
  3. access(), stat() and then lstat() called on *every* file that it’s going to index… this takes a long time.
  4. Did I mention that search doesn’t actually give you any results?
  5. Even when you run strings on the database and then search for something there, you don’t get any results
  6. Even when you search for the name of an application, you get no results.

5 thoughts on “Problems with Tracker (and why I’m back to Beagle)

  1. Just a clarification note: #1 and #3 are also valid with beagle too. Welcome back.

  2. Ahh… at least with Beagle I’ve found that you actually can get search results while all this is going on… not so with tracker (not even for the Applications which I just saw it scan)

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  4. The only problem is the tracker has the most relevant results:

    Beagle – zillions of worthless results

    Google Desktop – does not upweight the filename enough, so “Configuration Guide” matches things which mention configuration a lot, but actual “Configuration Guide.pdf’ is down at result 25.

    Tracker – most relevant results on the first page (puts filename matches first)

  5. Tracker is awesome… when it actually does work. But for me, it’s refusal to show results occurs too often and I’m just sick and tired of it. I just switched to beagle a few hours ago. Haven’t tried it yet though.

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