Enabling bluetooth on a hp laptop (6710b IIRC)

A friend of mine has a HP 6710b (if i remember the model name correctly). Bluetooth wasn’t working. Nada… not even a USB device showing up in lsusb for the inbuilt bluetooth.

It turns out, if you disable the bluetooth radio from the Windows thingy, it does something you cannot undo from Linux (at least with Ubuntu Gutsy) .

Except… after hours of fucking around, we reset the BIOS to default settings and this made it work.

Yep, no option in the BIOS setup to do this (there’s an Enable/Disable switch… but that doesn’t fix this problem). But a reset does it.

I really hope this saves somebody else the hours of “fun” we had.

8 thoughts on “Enabling bluetooth on a hp laptop (6710b IIRC)

  1. Dude, had same problem with a brand new HP 6730s UNDER VISTA (have Ibex installed too). I did something on the settings long time ago and couldnt turn it back on. Setting it back to defaults works perfectly, thanks. You just saved me a lot of time.

  2. Okay! I had the same problem, stumbled upon this post just now. I also had an issue with HP Wireless Assistant, it would show up in task manager but not run the GUI.

    I think I may have figured out a solution though. Go to Start > Run > type in “services.msc”, in the list of services that you get, locate a service called “hpqwmiex”, check if it is enabled & running, then enable / restart the service, open HP Wireless Assistant, switch on Bluetooth and Voila! Bluetooth works like a charm!

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