when the problem is likely a bug in the linker…

Windows FAIL.

It has been suggested the current thing I’m trying to fix is actually a bug in the Microsoft linker…. and I’m quite willing to believe that.

I wonder if I can expense rehab if this Windows port leads to a drinking problem….

11 thoughts on “when the problem is likely a bug in the linker…

  1. Gah! Windows port!

    I much prefer tawny. But even then. Windows port? What were you thinking?!

  2. May not entirely be the linker’s fault… can be a programmer error.
    Windows does some of the most arse-backwards things to support dynamic link libraries… The trouble comes because so few people understand the reason why they chose to solve the issues in their special way…

  3. and why couldn’t they have just chosen sane ways to do things… honestly, beyond a year or three, who will care about some weird backwards compat tihng anyway.

  4. Just think, it could be worse… actually scrap that…

    You do know of course that now you are porting cluster us guys that code cluster tools are going to have to port as well! :)

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