the power dongles come to ruin our way of life

I recently moved.

I found enough of the power supplies for USB disk enclosures to power on the most crucial disks (read: the ones attached to mythtv).

However, I have a disk I use for offsite backups. I need to find the dongle for it. Can I find it? No, of course not. I’m user it’s one of these 5 boxes of misc office crap (including *lots* of cables).

Why can’t we just have a standard USB disk enclosure power cable?

Please, pretty please.

1 thought on “the power dongles come to ruin our way of life

  1. I think there is this vortex which sucks up things like power cables when you move, its happened to me every time I’ve moved.

    I guess its similar to the vortex that sucks your soul when you use an MS product.

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