No opt-out of filtered Internet

Computerworld – No opt-out of filtered Internet (via Chris)

EPIC FAIL. Looks like I’m going to have to reconsider which end of the ballot paper the ALP goes at (hint, it’s now towards the bottom).

Pay no attention to the criminals behind the curtain… we’re just going to let them do their thing and make sure it’s hard for you to see them.

With a false positive rate (incorrectly blocking something) of 10,000/1,000,000 (otherwise known as 1%) we’ll no doubt see things blocked that shouldn’t be.

What happened to my free country?

2 thoughts on “No opt-out of filtered Internet

  1. That false-positive rate was for the best system, which was also the slowest system. So you can have fast and inaccurate, or slow and a-bit-less inaccurate.

    What this means for you is you’ll have more expensive broadband, that runs slower and inexplicably blocks random things that it shouldn’t.

    By way of comparison, the filtering system at my work blocked the OpenCMS Wiki until I got them to whitelist it. Something I need for my work, and certainly nothing controversial.

  2. Don’t forget the HTTPS MITM that 5/6 systems feature. Mmmm, insecure. Has anyone asked the banks what they think of that?

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