evolution-data-server even worse (is that possible?)

Just caught it using 713MB of resident memory. What the fuck? I don’t even have Evolution running! There’s only the clock applet (which does pull things out of calendar i guess…).

Does Evolution win the prize for worst piece of free software yet?

2 thoughts on “evolution-data-server even worse (is that possible?)

  1. Well … it is still evolving! ;-)

    God knows how much memory it will eventually require.

    And yes, we all feel your pain. :(

    USER 7366 0.0 0.6 410996 25504 ? Sl Oct05 0:20 /usr/lib/evolution/2.22/evolution-alarm-notify
    USER 7392 0.0 0.3 310368 12152 ? Sl Oct05 0:00 /usr/lib/evolution/2.22/evolution-exchange-storage
    USER 7399 0.0 0.2 311888 10948 ? Sl Oct05 0:00 /usr/lib/evolution/evolution-data-server-2.22-iid

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