new NetworkManager VPNC not better at all (in fact, much worse)

I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 the other day, NetworkManager promptly forgot my wireless LAN key (grr… lucky I keep a copy in a text file) as well as my VPN configuration. It’s also changed the UI for entering what specific networks to route over the VPN (’cause the last thing you want is putting all your traffic through VPN when you have a perfectly good internet connection here… or even worse, I do *not* need to go via Sydney or the US to access the machine 2ft from me thank you very much).

Generally not happy with the new NetworkManager.

2 thoughts on “new NetworkManager VPNC not better at all (in fact, much worse)

  1. I am with you here. In fact when I am using the Sun VPN in Intrepid I can’t get to any MySQL site!

    I have switched the laptop I am taking to Montreal to Mandriva 2009.0 KDE edition, its VPN is excellent (not NetworkManager), my only complaint with its VPN software is that I have to edit the account every time to change the password.

    Since RedHat are the primary developers of NetworkManager and they are usually a version ahead you may have better luck with Fedora 10 (I’ve not tried it yet).

    This is one of many regressions that is putting me off Ubuntu.

  2. I’m not successful to connect with vpn from ubuntu neither using kvpnc, neither networmanager, must restarting and use winxp :(

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