History of voting in Linux Australia Council elections

Over the past few years (since we’ve been using MemberDB) total number of members voting has looked like this:

Year:Members voted - 2005:57, 2006:110, 2007:63, 2008:65

Year:Members voted - 2005:57, 2006:110, 2007:63, 2008:65

So what does this tell us? Err… Nothing much. Except that we should probably expect about 60-70 votes for this election.

If we look at how many candidates we’ve had for each position, it looks a little bit more interesting:

In this chart I’m using numbers of *candidates*, not nominees. I’m also using numbers that are after we’ve computed the results and already redistributed preferences for existing winners. e.g. if I was standing for President and Vice President and won President, I appear here as a candidate for President and not for VP.

What can we tell here? We don’t have too much choice for P, VP, S or T…  In fact, Google Spreadsheet is just drawing it all over each other so you can’t really tell.

2005 was the last year there was a choice in President. It was also the last year there was a choice for Secretary.

There was a choice of Treasurer in 2006.

There has been a choice of Vice President in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

There has always been a choice for OCM.

It’d be great if we set a record this year for how many people voted (which for those counting means we need 111 votes).

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