Dodge Avenger furthers the stereotypes of American cars

“Every time it goes around a corner you are going to die” would roughly be an accurate statement.

This is the car I’ve been driving for the past week. Absolutely no feeling in the steering at all (in fact less feeling when cornering).

It also bongs at you seemingly randomly. It especially likes not turning off the headlights when you get out of the car – even after you’ve locked it.

I’m sure it has torque… but only one of them.

Horsepower… sure, just not sure about plural. Foot to the floor and it kind of sits there wondering what you mean.

All this talk of “US carmakers failing” seems to be not a moment too soon.

I think I’m going to have to put a ban on driving American made cars…. except perhaps the Ford GT… I wonder if MySQL Sun Oracle would have a problem with that :)

1 thought on “Dodge Avenger furthers the stereotypes of American cars

  1. Most American cars are like Microsoft products – they are sad simulations of successful products that somehow still fail to miss the soul / point / goodness of the original.

    What makes is sadder is that we know things can be better and that it is possible to make something better, but that some stupid decision making (be that ego, greed, or just garden-variety dumb-assedness) managed to thwart the potential.

    Of course, the high-end vehicles might be nice, but for GT money, you can also get your hands on some very nice autos from other manufacturers.

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