Unwired and Australian Government Content Filtering Trial

Just got an email from Unwired asking if I’d like to voluntarily join a trial. A censorship trial. The wonderful “you can’t know what you aren’t allowed to see” form of “trust me” democracy embraced by our current government.

I first used Unwired for the time it took for Telstra to recover from screwing me when I moved (and bringing the DSL connection with me). I’ve kept the device around to enable on-the-road net connection on occasion and as a backup to my DSL line.

I’ll now look for an alternative backup internet solution.

1 thought on “Unwired and Australian Government Content Filtering Trial

  1. I just got the cheapest Exetel post-paid plan yesterday ($17/mo) and it seems to work ok so far. It uses the Optus network and the HDSPA thing works fine with Fedora 11 out of the box, and OSX. They seem like clueful people, too.

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