5 thoughts on “Dogfooding a pastebin

  1. Nice! (I run pastebin.com). How’s the performance? I can see there’s only a few posts but would be interested in any load testing you’ve done :)

  2. I have done absolutely no load testing :) It should perform better than the MySQL adapter for a number of reasons: Drizzle is faster, using transactions and not LOCK TABLES, using InnoDB so can have concurrent readers and writers.

    I’m running with InnoDB and converted the LOCK TABLES bit into a real transaction (as we don’t support LOCK TABLES in Drizzle).

    and I’ve been meaning to email you with the patches on top of pastebin too.

    The next things I was thinking of was to move the “recent posts” generation into a gearman job and have the result in memcached – just to really eat all of our groups dog food. That could get over the performance problems you were seeing with that.

  3. I had another thought of changing the schema to have the content of the paste be compressed…. at least for retreiving via text we could then pump out the gzip stream directly to client….

    not sure how we’d do the HTML formatted one though…

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