Debian unstable on a Sun Fire T1000

So i got the T1000 working again (finally, after much screwing about trying to get the part). I then hit the ever annoying “no console” problem, where the console didn’t work – kind of problematic.

After a firmware upgrade, and passing “console=/dev/ttyS0” to the kernel, things work.

So the T1000 firmware 6.3 doesn’t work with modern debian kernels. Thing swork with 6.7 though.

2 thoughts on “Debian unstable on a Sun Fire T1000

  1. Do you have detailed info on how you put Debian on the T1000? We have a few spare T1000 lying around but we were unable to get it work (we gave up too early and moved to DL160s, but I’d like to find out how to do it). Thanks.

  2. IIRC it wasn’t too hard… you can netboot the installer in the way you’d expect (log into the service processor and set to net boot from tftp)

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