Before heading to the US for Shizzlin’ the Drizzle (okay, it really is just a meeting) I headed to Surfers for SAGE-AU 2009. I previously spoke at a SAGE-AU in Canberra a couple of years ago (Wikipedia tells me that it must have been 2006). This time, I was there speaking on Drizzle. I could only make the conference for a limited amount of time due to having to get to the US for our Drizzle team meeting (I even skipped out on the dinner early as I had to be up very early for catching flights).

The conference was a bit smaller than I would have hoped (I wonder if economic downturn is part of this, or are people finding that they are getting enough benefit from just conferences such as and/or OSDC).

The dinner was pretty cool though, at Dreamworld and got to ride tower of terror for an hour :) There were also tigers:

1024DSC_4475(apologies for tremendously high ISO and really bad lighting conditions). They can also climb trees:


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