3 thoughts on “Why I bought a Sony eBook reader

  1. I friend is very happy with PocketBook 301 (see this for pictures of clones and links, sorry for the language: http://bit.ly/6E07Aq) and I’ve ordered a BeBook Mini (see this for pics and links, sorry for the language: http://bit.ly/7sADSG and http://bit.ly/4u2yXa).

    There is life outside what you mentioned in your table :)

    My friend bought the PocketBook 301 from here: http://bit.ly/7Dx1pY
    and he’s extremely happy with the way it renders PDF and DejaVu files.

    I bought my BeBook from the original store: http://mybebook.com/

  2. FWIW, I am also very happy with my Onyx Boox 60 eBook reader, which supports a wide range of formats and is also not tied to any of these vendors :)

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