Bullshit Tiger. bullshit.


It also took them over an hour to make the announcement that the flight had been delayed. The screens just flashed “Boarding” for an hour (and they still are).

Delays are fine. Complete and total lack of any communication whatsoever is not.

Simply jumping on a microphone and saying “we’re experiencing a delay, we’ll have more information for you in half an hour” would be better. We seriously heard nothing for a whole hour after “Boarding” had started.

Just a closed door.

Somehow I feel this will be the last time I fly this airline.

3 thoughts on “Bullshit Tiger. bullshit.

  1. This seems to be standard practice: I was collecting friends from a Tiger flight a couple of months ago; their flight was an hour late (or more), but the screens showed a projected arrival of, er, an hour ago, with the flight still listed as ‘on time’. All their arrivals for the day were too, even though at least one other was badly late.

    This would probably be less shit if their terminal didn’t look like Port Hedland, but two hours with a chip machine and a kiosk running out of a shipping container is not the way forward.

  2. I’ve had similar issues — not identical, but similar, and to do with poor communication and poor systems — both times I’ve flown with Tiger (once domestic, once internationally). They’re not quite on my list of airlines to never fly with again ever (hi, Air China!), but I’d need a pretty good reason (or ridiculously good price) to fly with them now.

  3. Inside the terminal they did have tiny salad wraps. Only $8 too. That’s about $2 a bite! Bargain!

    and to think all they needed was an announcement….

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