5 thoughts on “It’s pronounced /maɪˌɛskjuːˈɛl/

  1. I thought it was pronounced o-rick-le-my-sequel-but-we-want-you-to-buy-our-bigger-rdbms ?

  2. Don’t worry, there is a session on “Migrating from Oracle to MySQL” at the conference. Not from an Oracle employee though.

  3. HA! It’s a regional thang! gee. In the 90’s when I went to Oracle user groups the pronunciation of SQL was either S-Q-L or Sequel. It kinda depended on where folks were from. In the bay area everyone I met use Sequel. I still use sequel even tho most of you guys roll yr eyes at me & go it’s pronounced MY-S-Q-L! Now I think I just do it to annoy you all! :)

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