Limiting functions to 32k stack in Drizzle (and scoped_ptr)

I wonder if this comes under “Code Style” or not…

Anyway, Monty and I finished getting Drizzle ready for adding “-Wframe-larger-than=32768” as a standard compiler flag. This means that no function within the Drizzle source tree can use greater than 32kb stack – it’s a compiler warning – and with -Werror, it means that it’s a build error.

GCC is not perfect at detecting stack usage, but it’s pretty good.

Why have we done this?

Well, there is a little bit of recursion in the server… and we can craft queries to blow a small stack (not so good). On MacOS X, the default thread stack size is only 512kb. This gives not many frames if 32kb stack is a even remotely common.

I found some interesting places to throw a lot of things on the stack too – that would be rather far down on a callchain – leading to the possibility of blowing up in really strange ways.

We’d love to make it 16kb…. but that’s a fair bit more work, so something for the future.

We’ve used the Boost scoped_ptr to address a bunch of these situations as it provides pretty much minimal code change for the same effect (except that memory is dynamically allocated instead of as part of the stack frame).

5 thoughts on “Limiting functions to 32k stack in Drizzle (and scoped_ptr)

  1. I’ve tried that in MariaDB 5.3 few days ago.

    Surprisingly, we were pretty cool about it – no warnings with 16kb limit in the server *at all*. Few warnings in archive and aria engines – which I’ll fix before pushing, and few in standalone tools like gen_lex_hash, which don’t really matter (but I’ll have to do something about them too, I suppose).

  2. You’re probably better off than we are, we got a bunch of places with things on the stack due to gradually going from char* to std::string in some places.

    Probably got one or two in innodb though?

    I have fixes for the archive ones in Drizzle, using boost::scoped_ptr – same for MyISAM (no doubt Aria is the same).

    Next thing is to run:
    valgrind –tool=drd –show-stack-usage=yes /bin/ls

    to check what we get to.

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