Big news at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo this week, Tokutek open sourced TokuDB thus making my previous post Where are they now: MySQL Storage Engines out of date in just a few days.

In this case, I really don’t mind. It’s rather exciting that they’ve gone ahead and done this –  and it’s not just a code drop: is where things are at, and recent commits were 2hrs and 18hrs ago which means that this is being maintained. This is certainly a good way to grow a developer community.

While being a MySQL engine is really interesting, the MongoDB integration is certainly something to watch – and may be something quite huge for Tokutek (after all, it’s the database engine parts of Mongo that are the most troublesome – along with the client library license).

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  1. Stewart, thank you for the kind words. Pardon my ignorance, but what is troublesome about the client library license of MongoDB?

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