The EXAMPLE storage engine

The Example storage engine is meant to serve mainly as a code example of the stub of a storage engine for example purposes only (or so the code comment at the start of reads). In reality however, it’s not very useful. It likely was back in 2004 when it could be used as a starting point for starting some simple new engines (my guess would be that more than a few of the simpler engines started from

The sad reality is the complexity of the non-obviousness of the bits o the storage engine API you actually care about are documented in, and If you’re doing something that isn’t already done by one of those three engines: good luck.

Whenever I looked at I always wished there was something more behind it… basically hoping that InnoDB would get a better and cleaner API with the server and would use that rather than the layering violations it has to do the interesting stuff.

That all being said, as a starting point, it probably helped spawn at least a dozen storage engines.

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  1. csv (tina engine) shows a bit more in practical terms, although it’s pretty hacky.

    But I do agree, for serious stuff you need to look at the code of some of the “bigger” engines.

  2. Perhaps will join,, and now as a useful source of information on SE API.

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