New libeatmydata release

Good news everyone! There’s a new libeatmydata release! I’ve put a source tarball up on the launchpad page: release-79.

This version packs:

  • RPM and debian packaging in tree
  • A bug fix so that O_SYNC and O_DSYNC are properly discarded on 32bit machines both with and without _FILE_OFFSET_BITS being set.

I’d love to hear any feedback and receive any patches (hopefully things still work well on MacOS X and Solaris). So far, libeatmydata has had contributions from the following people, and many thanks to them:

  • Stewart Smith
  • Alexey Bychko
  • Blair Zajac
  • Phillip Susi
  • Modestas Vainius
  • Monty Taylor
  • Olly Betts
  • Pavel Pushkarev
  • Elliot Murphy
  • Eric Wong
  • Tamas TEVESZ
  • Joachim Berdal Haga
  • Mohsen Hariri

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