Who works on MariaDB and MySQL?

Looking at the committers/authors of patches in the bzr tree for MariaDB 5.5.31.

Non Oracle Contributors:

  1. Alexander Barkov
  2. Alexey Botchkov
  3. Elena Stepanova
  4. Igor Babaev
  5. knielsen
  6. Michael Widenius
  7. sanja
  8. Sergei Golubchik
  9. Sergey Petrunya
  10. timour
  11. Vladislav Vaintroub

Oracle (as they pull Oracle changes):

  1. Aditya A
  2. Akhila Maddukuri
  3. Alexander Nozdrin
  4. Anirudh Mangipudi
  5. Annamalai Gurusami
  6. Astha Pareek
  7. Balasubramanian Kandasamy
  8. Chaithra Gopalareddy
  9. Daniel Fischer
  10. Gleb Shchepa
  11. Harin Vadodaria
  12. Hery Ramilison
  13. Igor Solodovnikov
  14. Inaam Rana
  15. Jon Olav Hauglid
  16. kevin.lewis
  17. Krunal Bauskar
  18. Marc Alff
  19. Marko Mäkelä
  20. Mattias Jonsson
  21. Murthy Narkedimilli
  22. Neeraj Bisht
  23. Nisha Gopalakrishnan
  24. Nuno Carvalho
  25. Olav Sandstaa
  26. Pedro Gomes
  27. prabakaran thirumalai
  28. Praveenkumar Hulakund
  29. Ravinder Thakur
  30. Satya Bodapati
  31. sayantan.dutta
  32. Shivji Kumar Jha
  33. Sujatha Sivakumar
  34. Sunanda Menon
  35. Sunny Bains
  36. Thayumanavar
  37. Tor Didriksen
  38. Venkata Sidagam
  39. Venkatesh Duggirala
  40. Yasufumi Kinoshita


  1. All the non-Oracle contributors work for SkySQL (and worked for Monty Program before that)
  2. Even when you go back to MariaDB 5.5.23 I can only find evidence for a maximum of 2-3 external contributions of code to MariaDB since then.
  3. In the same time frame (5.5.23-5.5.32) I see 1 or 2 going into Oracle trees, so it’s roughly the same.
  4. If you look at the contributors from Oracle over 5.5.23 to 5.5.32 there are closer to twice as many as the 40 listed above.

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong here… perhaps MariaDB guys are just really bad at clearly marking commits that come from elsewhere? I’ve looked for “patch.*by”, “original” and “ontributed” and only turned up the above.

16 thoughts on “Who works on MariaDB and MySQL?

  1. I can’t remember what was in 5.5.31, but after that I had applied one patch by Patryk Pomykalski:

    revision-id: psergey@askmonty.org-20130716052217-kpeuk1q5cheyivhp
    parent: psergey@askmonty.org-20130715145152-2vnjqfm06siuvuiv
    committer: Sergey Petrunya
    branch nick: 5.5
    timestamp: Tue 2013-07-16 09:22:17 +0400
    mdev-4173: Wrong result (extra row) with semijoin=on, joins in outer query, LEFT JOIN in the subquery
    Apply the patch from Patryk Pomykalski:
    – create_internal_tmp_table_from_heap() will now return information whether
    the last row that we tried to write was a duplicate row.
    (mysql-5.6 also has this change)

    There was also another patch that I didn’t apply the patch, but rather used the idea and coded it differently (I could find the MDEV item in Jira if you’re interested).

  2. What about Percona Server? Can we get a list of contributors to Percona Server?

    I suspect all names will be familiar, but it’s interesting to see anyway.

  3. Any idea what happened to patches from XtraDB? Or Sphinx, PBXT, OQGraph, spider, tokutek, etc. Almost all major external contributions are in storage engines and other plugins.

    I think you are right that most smaller contributions are committed by an MP employee (like I know for sure Davi contributed some stuff, but it’s quite possible that I am listed as committer). It would be nice to have something like git’s Author: (and use it consistently)

  4. BTW, it’s certainly the same for Oracle/MySQL. While it is possible to be an external committer for MariaDB, it is rare (more common now with the MariaDB foundation). For Oracle/MySQL it is impossible, as the full bzr trees are proprietary

  5. I think all the storage engine and plugins came in before GA release, so they’re all merged say from 5.3 or prior to GA. So pre MariaDB 5.5-GA it may be a different story. One way to look at this analysis is that if you want a GA release supported and maintained, you now have a list of all the people who actually do that work.

    One way to make external contributions more easily findable is to always use the –author option to bzr commit (I always take that into account when doing such analysis on bzr repositories) – doing additional grepping for “patch by”, “originally by” etc etc just gets a bit painful.

  6. Stewart,
    You have to looks at the comments of the commits pushed into the MariaDB trees. The authors’ names are there.

  7. You cannot really expect many external contributors contributing bug fixes. True, there were some, but very few — mainly people are interested in contributing new features.

    And 5.5 branch is mostly “our 5.3 features plus mysql-5.5”, it was not supposed to have many new mariadb-5.5-only features, it’s main feature was the merge with mysql-5.5, after which it got a feature-freeze very quickly.

    You won’t find many contributions in a GA branch of any project.

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