Adventures with Velvia 50

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading a bunch of photos I’ve had sitting around for quite a while now. Recently I finally got around to shooting some Velvia 50, after now several years of meaning to. This is all 35mm with a Nikon F80 and likely all with the 50mm lens. I’m quite pleased with some of the results, slightly more so for the ones not in full direct bright sunlight, but they were much better light for photos anyway. The downside of Velvia 50? Not a portrait film at all.

Manly Lizard

Rocks, waves, Manly

Coffee at the lighthouse

Cape Otway Lighthouse

2 thoughts on “Adventures with Velvia 50

  1. If that’s the cape Otway lighthouse the weather was exceedingly good for you. The colours are great. When we went it was totally foggy. Visibility was like 50m. The scan looks like it has a vertical line through it btw.

  2. Yeah, it was wonderfully clear. Although Leah had just really really badly sprained her ankle, so we weren’t exactly the most mobile people in the world.

    I noticed the line through the scan too… but I haven’t bothered to re-scan it yet (I’m behind enough with processing photos)

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