Set myself up on, changed to amaroK for playing music (so things go to and added foo to the sidebar of my blog. I guess the trick now would be to get something to auto-add my current tune to the bottom of each entry. Maybe :)

I’m a GNOME boy, but amaroK seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of either rhythmbox or the version of banshee that ships with Ubuntu Breezy.

My main complaints with amaroK are that it looks nothing like my other desktop applications – it stands out that it’s a KDE app and not a GNOME app. Some clue on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Back to, I think the goal is to help suggest music that you may like by looking at what you listen to and what other people who listen to some of the stuff you listen to listen to. Seems interesting at least.

Newfangled technology to remove the “so what have you been listening to?” question from the list of things to talk about with friends :)

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  1. FYI, amroK 1.4 has the ability to look as a Gnome app. I just installed FC5, which has amaroK 1.4 and it looks like any other gnome app. Dapper should be out any day now which will have amaroK 1.4.

    I’ve been using KDE for the last year because those annoyances of gnome finally got the best of me. I’m happy I decided to try 2.14 in FC5, gnome has proven itself worth its weight in gold again. Xinerama support that works as it should!

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