Heroes in Tyrol

23rd Mostra – “Heroes in Tyrol”, by Niki List (Austria-Sweeden-Germany)

I managed to see most of this film a few years ago. Anybody know where or how I can get a DVD of it? (with English subtitles). I know somebody in the wider community has to know where (hence why i’ll put this entry in the MySQL category – i know somebody there has to know something about this film).

Besides – it has drinking songs, and MySQLers will get the connection.

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  1. hi, i came across your website while googling for this movie. have you managed to get yourself a copy yet. if you have let me know.

  2. Has anyone found a copy yet of Heroes in Tyrol? I want one too!


  3. I actually bought a German only DVD of Helden in Tirol a few years ago from the Austrian Ebay. No English subtitles. :( I saw this funny film at the local International Film Festival in 2000 and absolutely loved it. Really surprised the company that released the DVD Cult Film, has not released an English translated version in America as the film fest version DID have engligh subtitles and was hilarious (the whole audience was laughing constantly and talking about the film after on the way out of the theater).

    BTW, before buying the dvd on ebay.at I tried calling and emailing the company but never recieved any responses or a person that spoke English.

  4. I bought the dvd in German (no subtitles) in a store in Innsbruck, Austria, in 2005. I love it! Just saw the title by chance and thought it looked interesting. Its become one of my favorite comedies, I watch it ove and over. I wish there were a version with at least English subtitles so that I could share it with my friends here in the US. I will post if I come across anything. Anne

  5. I found a copy when I was in Vienna, but no subtitles. I saw it at a film fest with subtitles, so you’d think there’s a version out there somewhere with them. It’s a region 0 DVD, but still a PAL version. It plays fine on my Xbox 360 but won’t play on anything else I own. One of my favorite films.

  6. Hi,
    Not sure if this would help at all, but it is occasionally shown (around midnight) on the Australian TV station SBS, and I believe they have the copyright for the ‘official’ English subtitles. (Which are *very* well done.)

    Maybe if you contacted them, they may be able to help?

    (I had a subtitled copy taped from the TV, which sadly was eaten by a friends’ VCR.)

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