Heroes in Tyrol

23rd Mostra – “Heroes in Tyrol”, by Niki List (Austria-Sweeden-Germany)

I managed to see most of this film a few years ago. Anybody know where or how I can get a DVD of it? (with English subtitles). I know somebody in the wider community has to know where (hence why i’ll put this entry in the MySQL category – i know somebody there has to know something about this film).

Besides – it has drinking songs, and MySQLers will get the connection.

Boys Don’t Cry (She’s the Man) and other such cross dressing.

Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Found the name of it! After seeing She’s the Man on Monday night we were discussing other movies where a girl has dressed up as a guy – and I was trying to remember the name of Boys Don’t Cry – I remembered Hillary Swank’s name though.

She’s the Man was an okay flick. Maybe 2 stars. I think Amanda Bynes should be in better films – something the two friends (both female – I wonder if this has anything to do with it) I went with disagreed with me on her acting ability.

But let’s face it – anything with Vinnie Jones in it is worth a look. Especially if it includes Soccer or killing people.