Epic Epicurean Coffee and Fig 2013 Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Last night I opened this wonderful bottle that I acquired on Friday (the only reason I didn’t open it then was the 10k Melbourne Marathon even I ran on early Sunday morning).

Epic Epicurean Coffee and Fig 2013

It was delicious. The fig really came through and lent a nice sweetness to contrast with the bitterness. I’m now wondering why I don’t make things with figs more often….

Awesome coffee beans from Cartel Coffee Roasters

The other week Leah and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show (she won free tickets which makes it a lot easier to swallow than the $35/head otherwise) and I picked up some coffee beans while there (why not!). These beans are called “The Guji” and are from Cartel Coffee Roasters down in Geelong. I opened them the other day and as an increasing number of my Percona colleagues can attest to, I’ve been raving about them. These are some seriously good beans.

amazing coffee beans

Brasserie Dieu due Ciel! Peche Mortel

It’s from Canada, not France. Although it’s certainly from a more French part of Canada. This was a nice imperial coffee stout. The coffee flavour was not overwhelming in any way, it was this nice pervasive hint . At 9.5% it’s strong in alcohol and the flavour is also nice and strong, although not overwhelming. I’d certainly have this one again.



Many people may know that I’m a bit of a coffee fan. I do quite like a good espresso. These are, unfortunately, more rare than I would like. I know, I live in Melbourne, the average coffee quality is pretty damn high… but still, perhaps I’m just a bit of a coffee snob (oh wait, that’s where I buy my beans from).

This is a photo of the espresso I got at a place near Leah’s work the other week.


Cold Brew Coffee Experiment #3

So, I did what I said I’d do – 1/3rd cup ground coffee + 2 cups water, overnight (about 18-20hrs) in fridge. Tasted really nice.

I think I’ve found the combination that works when I’m just making one.

Filtering out the grounds is certainly annoying… I guess this is what the Toddy is meant to solve…. because what I most certainly need is yet another way to make coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Experiment #2

Two things varied from my previous attempt:

  1. I kept it in the fridge instead of on the bench (it’s been really hot in Melbourne and the fridge is closer to “normal” temperature than outside)
  2. doubled the amount of water

The difference? It’s certainly cooler, and a weaker flavour. That being said,  I think you get more of the subtleties of the flavour rather than being a bit thwacked with it. I found my last experiment nice, but perhaps a bit sharp. This batch tastes very smooth and refreshing.

This batch also seemed to be less gritty, with me seeing fewer grounds in the filter. I wonder if that’s due to fridge, variance of grind or water quantity.

I think for my next go I’m going to try same amount of coffee, in the fridge, but 2 cups of water.

Cold Brew Coffee Experiment #1

1/3rd cup ground coffee (ground approximately for what I’d use in a plunger) to 1.5cups water. Sit in airtight container on the bench overnight (about 18hrs actually) and then filtered through coffee filter paper into a mug.

It certainly is different, but still distinctly coffee. I’m not sure if I want to add more water too it or not… quite possibly – and this mixture would probably be total killer for iced coffee.

Basically, I’ve heard a million and one “one true ways” to make cold brew coffee, and this was my first go at it. Now just to try different variations until I find the one I like the most.