Singing in the Rain

The past 3 years, 11 months I have worked full time on NDB (MySQL Cluster). It’s been awesome. Love the product and people. In the time I’ve been on the Cluster team, we’ve gone from a small group that would easily fit in the (old old) Stockholm office to one that requires large rooms to house us all in. It’s also been all about smart people (you have to be to work on a distributed database).

With MySQL Cluster 6.4 we’re getting in a bunch of features that have been on the “wide adoption” wishlist. With each release of NDB we’ve gained a wedge of applications that can be used with it – and 6.4 is no exception.

One of the biggest things that’s been worked on is multithreaded data nodes. If you check out Jonas‘ recent posts on 500,000 reads/sec and then a massive 700,000 reads/sec.

We’ve also got a Microsoft Windows port coming up, which a number of people have asked for over the years. Mostly I think this is a “I want to try it out” thing and not a deployment thing. (can any sane person deploy a HA app on Win32?)

I’ve used “NDB$INFO” as the ultimate answer to any problem for a while now. It’s been the much-wanted monitoring interface. We have a lot of info inside NDB that currently isn’t easily user accessible (or only accessible through the magic DUMP interface or by gathering up many events in the cluster log). We have the start of NDB$INFO in 6.4 now and Martin will be continuing my work in making it truly awesome.

So go and grab the 6.4 tree and have a look – things are looking sweet.

What next for me?

Well… a while ago I started hacking on Drizzle. Why? Well… I thought we could move the database server in a new direction and make it more modular, leaner, meaner query machine.

And now, I’m starting to work on it full time.

It’s exciting, and I’ll be blogging on the first TODO which is remove the FRM file and switch to a full discovery method shortly.

UPDATE: Yes, I’m working full time on Drizzle for Sun Microsystems (in the CTO group). While not spending work time on NDB anymore, no doubt you’ll still see fun-time patches.

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  1. If you are starting to work fulltime on Drizzle, does that mean you will be working 0-time on MySQL Cluster?

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