3 thoughts on “Linux Australia election numbers (again)

  1. Fundamental thing: there doesn’t seem to have been any emails about the election to the LA announce list after the nomination period closed. There also does not seem to have been any post on the LA News section of the site after nominations closed. You do need to try and reach people who don’t read linux-aus: the election is certainly worthy of sending both a call for nominations and a reminder, an announcement of voting and a reminder to your announcement mailing list!

    Regards the timing, I think there should be a substantial period of voting outside the window of travel for lca (there was somewhat this year, but with no announcement…)

    Linux Australia should promote itself a bit more at linux.conf.au, in terms of being the money and continuity behind the conference (although maybe it happened in the Wed opening, which I missed). People at linux.conf.au then have a reason to care.

    Other than that, maybe encourage candidates/outreach people to publicise the election to the LUGs. But I don’t know that you’ll have very high participation without having visible distinctions between the candidates in terms of their platforms.

  2. I think we need to solve the announcement problem with software…. perhaps someone will step up this year and implement this in memberdb…

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