So… how much email am I storing?

stewart@saturn:~$ time du -sh Maildir
15G    Maildir

real    0m55.749s
user    0m1.008s
sys    0m17.205s

interestingly the tar.bz2 archive of this is only 3.4GB.

It also takes *much* longer to run this on my laptop (over 5 minutes). mmmm… raid.

I’ve also deleted a lot of mailing list mail over the years… i wonder what that would be if i hadn’t….

3 thoughts on “So… how much email am I storing?

  1. hmm. I think every couple years I have reset my mailboxes. do you really have that many situations where you need a mail from 15 years ago on your laptop? If so I think you might be the first I’ve found…

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