First roll through the Nikon F80

A little while ago I bit the bullet and bought a Nikon film body – a F80. May as well have a film body that’s a bit automatic and takes the same lens mount as my digital.

So, I got it and thought “hrrm… I better run a roll of film through it to make sure it works”. Off to the fridge i went to find the cheapest, shittiest roll of film possible… I found “Walgreens” brand film. Manufactured by one of many, bought for cheap, and run through the F80.

Some shots turned out pretty good. I have the full set (most of the roll) up on flickr. A few choice ones are:

Which due to some nice accident of lighting, turned out pretty good. IIRC this was pretty late at night and I was editing photos as Michael came over (bringing much needed beer).

Slides and beer, do you need anything else? I just like this because it’s a snapshot of what I was working on (well, kinda, I was mostly just manipulating digital images).

Leah and I went bushwalking… so had to snap a shot of her. I do like the Nikon 50mm as a portrait lens. The film… well… it was cheap, but not too bad actually.

A shallow depth of field can be a lot of fun. Although not entirely sure how I feel about the bokeh….

Which has some odd colours. Nice, but odd.

I like my “new” body. It’ll be fun.

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