Kodak Portra

I started to realise that I was liking the look of photos shot on Kodak Portra. I wanted to shoot some of it to see what I thought. I bought a pack of 5 rolls of 160VC from Glazer’s just before heading to OSCON.

Here are some of the shots I got:




(granted I didn’t press the shutter release, but I like it)

HiPurr Camp!
Is the one that sealed it for me. This was the “ahh… I can use this for all sorts” shot.

All of these were developed and scanned at the Walgreens down the street. I could probably do better scans of some… but this was awfully less work for me.

I am really liking the skin tones from it. The vividness of colours also comes through while retaining excellent skin tones (certainly not always the case). I may even end up shooting some at Burning Man (did buy more rolls yesterday!)

There is (of course) more being added to my Kodak Portra 160VC set on flickr.

More film developing

I’ve developed some more film! Here’s some shots from last time I was in Hobart. All shot on Ilford HP5+, which I quite like. I’m still getting used to this developing thing and next time should be much better!

The HP5+ was shot at the box speed of 400 with my Nikon F80 and the wonderful 50mm f1.8 lens. I developed in R09 OneShot (Rodinal) for the standard 6 minutes that the Ilford box tells me to. I used my Epson V350 Photo scanner to scan the negatives with iscan. I am wishing for better scanning software. *seriously* wishing.

These first four are probably going to be recognisable to anybody who knows Salamanca.

Buskers at Salamanca

boat in the fountain

Dead leaves and a bench

The Telegraph

For those who love the Lark Distillery or English Bitter, I snapped a shot of (one of) the pint I had:

Hand pumped bitter

So I’d count this as fairly successful! Of course, need some animal shots:

black and white rabbitBeaker on film

… and there was a stop at a Sustainability Expo that had a surprising lack of bountiful vegan food when we got there…
Hobart Sustainability Expo

I have to say, pulling that film out and seeing an image is incredibly rewarding.

If you want to know more about how I do it all on Linux, come to my talk at LUV this upcoming July 6th.

Playing with multiple exposure

So, I discovered that my D200 had a built in “multiple exposure” option. While you can do exactly the same thing in GIMP (or Photoshop I guess) a whole lot easier (for one, you get to see what’s gonig on), we had been discussing Holga earlier in the night… so I felt it kind of appropriate to not really see what I was doing.

Leah playing guitar hero, me sitting across the room only slightly distracting her with a camera.

Guitar Hero

Maybe I will end up getting a Holga one of these days… being restricted can be fun.

First roll through the Nikon F80

A little while ago I bit the bullet and bought a Nikon film body – a F80. May as well have a film body that’s a bit automatic and takes the same lens mount as my digital.

So, I got it and thought “hrrm… I better run a roll of film through it to make sure it works”. Off to the fridge i went to find the cheapest, shittiest roll of film possible… I found “Walgreens” brand film. Manufactured by one of many, bought for cheap, and run through the F80.

Some shots turned out pretty good. I have the full set (most of the roll) up on flickr. A few choice ones are:

Which due to some nice accident of lighting, turned out pretty good. IIRC this was pretty late at night and I was editing photos as Michael came over (bringing much needed beer).

Slides and beer, do you need anything else? I just like this because it’s a snapshot of what I was working on (well, kinda, I was mostly just manipulating digital images).

Leah and I went bushwalking… so had to snap a shot of her. I do like the Nikon 50mm as a portrait lens. The film… well… it was cheap, but not too bad actually.

A shallow depth of field can be a lot of fun. Although not entirely sure how I feel about the bokeh….

Which has some odd colours. Nice, but odd.

I like my “new” body. It’ll be fun.