Kodak Portra

I started to realise that I was liking the look of photos shot on Kodak Portra. I wanted to shoot some of it to see what I thought. I bought a pack of 5 rolls of 160VC from Glazer’s just before heading to OSCON.

Here are some of the shots I got:




(granted I didn’t press the shutter release, but I like it)

HiPurr Camp!
Is the one that sealed it for me. This was the “ahh… I can use this for all sorts” shot.

All of these were developed and scanned at the Walgreens down the street. I could probably do better scans of some… but this was awfully less work for me.

I am really liking the skin tones from it. The vividness of colours also comes through while retaining excellent skin tones (certainly not always the case). I may even end up shooting some at Burning Man (did buy more rolls yesterday!)

There is (of course) more being added to my Kodak Portra 160VC set on flickr.

4 thoughts on “Kodak Portra

  1. I’ve been shooting on some high-speed Portra NC film for a while now and have been enjoying it a lot. Looks like the VC film might be worth a look as well. Thanks!

  2. I think I see what you mean about the final shot. One set of colours/focus/objects in the objects on the line, another set in the distance, but they kind of go together & there’s enough variety in the image to work it (or sections of it) into an enormous variety of topics.

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