Joining Percona

As you may have read on the MySQL Performance Blog post – I’ve recently joined Percona. This is a fairly exciting next step. I’ll be in New York for Percona Live next week, where I’ll be giving a session titled “Drizzle 7, GA and Supported: Current & Future Features”.

I’ll write more soon, there’s a lot keeping me busy already!

7 thoughts on “Joining Percona

  1. Stewart, congratulations!

    I’m really happy for both you and Percona, and I’m sure you’ll be successful. Great move :)

  2. Congrats Stewart!

    I hope this means you will get to continue your profound work on Drizzle as well?

  3. Congratulations Stewart!

    I appreciate the commitment to developing Percona Server, XtraDB, XtraBackup and Drizzle(!) that Percona has shown by hiring you!

  4. Congrats Stewart! This is a good thing for drizzle and the community as a whole. I’m glad Percona has seen fit to step up and make contributions in this area.

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