xtrabackup bazaar repositories upgraded to 2a format

I have just upgraded the xtrabackup bazaar code repositories to the 2a format. This means that bzr 1.16 is required to access the source code repositories now.

If you get an error like the one below when working with a local branch, you’ll need to run “bzr upgrade” in it (see below for example). For branches on launchpad, you can use the web UI and hit the “upgrade branch” button.

stewart@willster:~/src/percona-xtrabackup$ bzr pull
Using saved parent location: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/percona-xtrabackup/
Doing on-the-fly conversion from RemoteRepositoryFormat(_network_name='Bazaar repository format 2a (needs bzr 1.16 or later)\n') to RepositoryFormatKnitPack1().
This may take some time. Upgrade the repositories to the same format for better performance.
bzr: ERROR: KnitPackRepository('file:///home/stewart/src/percona-xtrabackup/.bzr/repository/')
is not compatible with
different rich-root support
stewart@willster:~/src/percona-xtrabackup$ bzr upgrade
Upgrading branch file:///home/stewart/src/percona-xtrabackup/ ...              
starting upgrade of file:///home/stewart/src/percona-xtrabackup/
making backup of file:///home/stewart/src/percona-xtrabackup/.bzr
  to file:///home/stewart/src/percona-xtrabackup/backup.bzr.~1~
starting repository conversion                                                 
repository converted                                                           

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