An update on using Tor on Android

Back in 2012 I wrote a blog post on using Tor on Android which has proved quite popular over the years.

These days, there is the OrFox browser, which is from The Tor Project and is likely the current best way to browse the web through Tor on your Android device.

If you’re still using the custom setup Firefox, I’d recommend giving OrFox a try – it’s been working quite well for me.

28 thoughts on “An update on using Tor on Android

  1. Why should I use this over Fennec with the same addons?
    Why isn’t this in the main F-droid-repo? (or, how can I get it without going through proprietary channels?)

  2. While you may be able to get the same effect through enabling the right options in normal Firefox for Android, OrFox is likely the easiest way to get things running for non-expert users and to keep up to date with the best practices. I haven’t looked at how to get it going without using the Play store – although odds are this is where the majority of users are going to be getting it from. Maybe you need to suggest adding it to other stores to the Tor Project?

  3. @Anonuser

    In F-Droid, when looking foe firefox, the description links to other browser like Fennec or Orbot. Orbot is available on the alpha channel of the Guardian Project, and the link to add it in F-Droid is included in Firefox browser description.

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