AWS Welcomes Stewart

A little over a month ago now, I started a new role at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Principal Engineer with Amazon Linux. Everyone has been wonderfully welcoming and helpful. I’m excited about the future here, the team, and our mission.

Thanks to all my IBM colleagues over the past five and a half and a bit years too, I really enjoyed working with you on OpenPOWER and hope it continues to gain traction. I have my Blackbird now and am eagerly waiting for a spare 20 minutes to assemble it.

3 thoughts on “AWS Welcomes Stewart

  1. Employment status: Recovering Firmware Engineer :-P

    Thanks again Stewart and enjoy the next challenge!

  2. Congratulations!! Don’t let Amazon screw you on raises/RSU grants, they love to hand out 0.5 to 1% raises to top performers when the stonks go up

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