anjuta and libglade rock

instead of doing work the other day, I decided to play with this IDE that I saw some guys using. Well, within a few minutes, I’d made the quick example app do some cool stuff (and be really different). Anjuta and Glade rock!

Draw up your user interface and tell it which functions to call on actions. Then, write those functions and you’re done! no coding of UI or boring crap like that, you’re there, making code that you care about with a cool GTK2 interface over it! Rock On!

as my desktop

It’s interesting running GNOME as the desktop on my laptop…. the “submit bug report” segfault screen is showing too often with evolution (grr)… and offline is useless (it doesn’t download all your messages from the IMAP server). (as pointed to by jdub’s blog) has interesting GNOME stuff ‘todo’, but i have to disagree with the analysis of the letters ‘c’ and ‘k’. maybe i’ll CHANT (KHANT) or CHAT (KHAT) on about it, but it’d just be a poor substiute for a smiely :)

it’s on it’s way…. i want a gnome-everything debian package.