My UC Talk tomorrow (what you should know)

MySQL Users Conference 2006 – MySQL Cluster: New Features and Enhancements

If you are coming to my talk, make sure you know a bit about cluster beforehand. Being at Johan’s talk today was a good idea.

Or reading the manual chapter.

Otherwise you may end up being quite lost for a lot of the talk. Mine isn’t an intro to cluster one.

My MySQL UC2006 talk – more working on it

MySQL UC 2006 – April 24-27, 2006 – Santa Clara, CA – MySQL Cluster: New Features and Enhancements

So I’ve done some more run throughs to get things running smoother (and made some more edits along the way). At some point I will stop fiddling with the darn thing. It’s going to be fine (repeat, take 8 times and call me in the morning if pain persists).

Some features take a lot longer to explain than others. It’s quite interesting really.

I’ve tried to strike a balance between good overviews of technology and the down-and-dirty details. Hopefully it’s a good balance and fits the audience. I’m assuming a bit of knowledge about Cluster (I think the SQL knowledge should be a given – it’s a technical talk at the MySQL UC!). I’m expecting to be thrown a bunch of questions througouht – and hopefully really good questions (and one’s that I’ve anticipated and if people only wait for the next thing i was going to say…).

I’ve put a lot of prep into this talk – hopefully the effort shows (in a good way!).

So come along and hear me talk about what we’ve been up to in the lovely land of Cluster.