DevStack woes

DevStack is meant to be a three step “get me an openstack dev environment” thing. You’re meant to be able to grab a fresh installation of something like Ubuntu 12.04 or Fedora and “git clone $foo && cd devstack && ./”, wait a while and then be able to launch instances.

This much does work.

What does not work is being able to ssh to those instances. The networking is completely and utterly broken. I have tried both Ubuntu and Fedora in a fresh VM (KVM, on an Ubuntu host) and have asked a variety of experts for help. No dice.

What I want to hear is a way to remotely get it going locally, in a VM.

At the moment I’m tempted to submit a pull request to the devstack website adding a 4th step of “muck around for a few days before giving up on ever being able to ssh into a launched instance as these instructions are wrong”.