pack_flag is dead!

(At least in Drizzle)

Brian merged my jay-and-stewart-remove-pack_flag branch and it’s now in trunk. Removing pack_flag was a task for the bell milestone and in true collaborative effort, it took more than one person to unravel its dark mysteries. Hats go off to Jay who bravely ripped more of it out with the aid of excellent Seattle coffee. I finished it off with removing the last remnants and fixing an outstanding bug (and at the same time making us look at the DECIMAL code and shuddering in fear of what it may mean).

With pack_flag gone, we can now do insane things like remove the last bits of TINYINT from the code, as previous to removing pack_flag, if you did that, things broke.

This also means we are one more step towards a table proto that is maintainable long term and doesn’t have incomprehensible magic.