HailDB, Hudson, compiler warnings and cppcheck

I’ve integrated HailDB into our Hudson setup (haildb-trunk on Hudson). I’ve also made sure that Hudson is tracking the compiler warnings. We’ve enabled more compiler warnings than InnoDB has traditionally been compiled with – this means we’ve started off with over 4,300 compiler warnings! Most of those are not going to be anything remotely harmful – however, we often find that it’s 1 in 1000 that is a real bug. I’ve managed to get it down to about 1,700 at the moment (removing a lot of harmless ones).

I’ve also enabled a cppcheck run on it. Cppcheck is a static analysis tool for C/C++. We’ve also enabled it for Drizzle (see drizzle-build-cppcheck on Hudson). When we enabled it for Drizzle, we immediately found three real bugs! There is also a coding style checker which we’ve also enabled on both projects. So far, cppcheck has not found any real bugs in HailDB, just some style warnings.

So, I encourage you to try cppcheck if you’re writing C/C++.